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"We were worried about "falling", but it's not anything like that, it's like floating on air.

So much fun!!!"

- John S.

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Corporate Groups

ifly-guy Organize a corporate event to remember at iFLY Utah!

Planning a fun team building event can be a challenge, let us help you make your event a complete success.

We know you value your team, maybe it is time to congratulate them for a job well done or to build camaraderie within the group.

iFLY Utah offers groups access to one of the most exciting new sports. As your group participates in indoor skydiving it is great for an amazing team building experience. They will cheer their fellow teammates on as they soar on a column of air.

It is an experience they will remember for years to come.

ifly-guy How?

Here is an example schedule for up to 24 team members.
Note: this would be two standard package sessions...


1:45pm: Sign in Time
2:00pm: Instructional Class (15-minutes)
2:15pm: Put on Flight Gear
2:30pm: First 12 people (fly 2 minutes per person)
3:00pm: First group of 12 de-gear, receive flight certificate
3:15pm: First group of 12 done


2:00pm: Sign in Time
2:30pm: Instructional Class (15-minutes)
2:45pm: Put on Flight Gear
3:00pm: Second 12 people (fly 2 minutes per person)
3:30pm: Second group of 12 de-gear, receive flight certificate
3:45pm: Second group of 12 done

note actual flight time per person depends on the number or participants

Flight packages can be arranged for larger groups and can include more options contact us for prices.

ifly-guy Why choose iFLY Utah?

Real teambuilding!
Unique, exciting body flight experience.

Team bonding:
See colleagues from several new angles as they tackle something new and let their hair down.

Reward and Incentive:
Reward your highest achievers with the most fun you can have with your clothes on.

Impress your Clients:
Set your company apart as forward-thinking and dynamic.

Scale your experience to fit your budget:
Our prices are flexible. You will also walk away with a huge grin on your face.

Taste skydiving at a fraction of the cost:
Feel the thrill without the pain in your wallet.

Hours of Operation:
IFLY is open for business Monday-Thursday 10:00am-9:00p.m., Friday-Saturday 10:00am-9:00p.m. Closed Sunday. Regardless of wind, rain or clouds.RESERVATIONS are REQUIRED.

Maximise a great PR opportunity:
Be the first to fly in the IFLY UTAH wind tunnel and get it covered by your trade press. It's really visual and most trades will print a picture of high profile companies and individuals doing something different.

Almost anyone can fly:
You can fly as long as you:
* Are not Pregnant
* Have not had issues with prior shoulder dislocation
* Are not wearing a cast
* Do not weigh over 250 lbs (males) or 230 lbs (females). Exceptions can be made so please give us a call for clarification.
* Are not under the influence of drugs or alcohol
* Do not have a history of neck, back, or heart conditions. Check with your doctor.
* Have signed our waiver.

Those who wear glasses can be supplied with goggles that can be worn over them.

ifly-guy Call in Advance... 801-528-5348

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